Cross Mentoring & Executive Development Program

Learn from Your Mentor and Receive the Latest Knowledge for Successful Management in Workshops

We want to learn from those who have already developed solutions to current challenges. We want to invest the time we gain from this active exchange and dialog in forward-looking ideas and in familiarizing ourselves with new technologies, and we want to engage with innovations in order to learn new things from them in turn. We want to make lifelong learning a matter of course and thus support companies in developing into learning organizations. Our cross mentoring programs connect determined mentees with dedicated mentors who share their valuable experiential knowledge with incredible passion.

For Top Executives, Dedicated High Potentials, Experienced Experts and Digital Natives

The Cross Mentoring Program is designed for...

  • High potentials who are looking to take the next step in their career or who would like to actively exchange ideas with a top executive as they develop into a leader.
  • Experienced experts who would like to learn from the best practices of an expert from another company as well as expand their know-how with the help of a practical exchange of experiences.
  • Top executives who aim to exchange and network with a digital native from a digital-savvy environment in order to become digital- and generation-ready.

In this Program, You...

  • learn from role models and exchange ideas with mentors on a regular basis.
  • develop your own personal solutions for current challenges.
  • understand how emotional intelligence and digital competence can positively influence your everyday leadership, but also phases of crisis management.
  • increase your innovation and creativity potential.
  • expand your professional network.

The Cross Mentoring Program is organized by INAMERA and taught in cooperation with the WU Executive Academy. The program language is German. Please find more information about the program on our German website.

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