Strategic Management

Strategic management for your successful future!

Why is it that some organizations are hit harder by crises than others? What are the components of a successful strategy? How do people react during changes processes and how can you overcome resistance to change?

Due to digital transformation and world crises we are confronted with ever faster change, tougher competition and new challenges. The right strategy will determine the success or failure of a company.

In this program you will learn to develop the right strategy to lead your company to economic success and out of crises.

Goals of the program

  • Successful strategy development and implementation
  • Identification and assessment of relevant trends
  • Development of innovative products, services and business models
  • Know-how for planning and accompanying change processes

Program highlights

  • Creation of a personal plan for the main learning effects and for the transfer of the learned content into the daily work routine.
  • Learning from experienced top experts and practitioners
  • Four compact days and two webinars
  • Use of current practical examples and case studies

The program is taught in German. Please find more information about the Strategic Management Program on our German website.


Michael König, MBA

Senior Lecturer | Department of Strategy and Innovation | WU Vienna | Austria

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René Massatti

Co-Founder and Managing Director | Playroom | Austria

Bernhard Scherzinger

Executive Director | Management Results Consulting GmbH | Austria

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