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Implementation of your corporate programs

You determine the details!

You are the experts for your company, we are the experts for executive education. Based on your requirements, we ensure an optimal implementation of your further education program, from the selection of lecturers up to the organization of the certification ceremony.

Core Competences

The core competencies of the WU Executive Academy are derived from those of the Vienna University for Economics and Business and also lie in the areas of leadership, strategy, finances, marketing, innovation and sustainability. Furthermore, we follow an interdisciplinary approach with aspects from sociology, psychology and philosophy.

International Academia

Our faculty consists of 3 groups, from which you can choose according to your requirements: academics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), lecturers from our international partner universities as well as versatile practitioners with academic background.

Mix of Methods

We recommend and offer a mix of methods for the executive education field, consisting of theoretical or practical input, discussions, group work, presentations, business cases, blended learning, simulation or transfer projects. Our modules can be designed as classical modules or admissible MBA modules with a pre-core-post structure.

Iris Kritscher, MBA

  • International Marketing | Telekom Austria Group Austria | Participant Advanced Management Program and Telecommunication Management Program

In my opinion, one of the most remarkable benefits of the WU Executive Academy’s in-house programs is the high level of customization to accommodate the specific demand of the organization. The modules really have been designed to fit the requirements of our business, covering all its divisions.


German or English – all our programs can be conducted in German or English as well as in combination of both.


Vienna or worldwide. Determine the location at which your further education program should take place. All our programs and modules can be conducted at the new Campus WU in Vienna or close to your company, meaning worldwide or at various locations.

Stefan Pavek, MBA

  • Banking Book & Liquidity Risk Management | Erste Group | Participant Group Graduate Program

What really impressed me was the fact that one receives a lot of knowledge in a very compact manner. There are excellent materials, an outstanding and practice-oriented main module as well as interesting post-module materials, with which one should and can implement learnings almost immediately.

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