MBA Mobility Management

The Professionalization of a Megatrend

The MBA Mobility Management is a comprehensive learning experience designed for and together with Porsche Holding. This tailored program comprises a diverse mix of core business principles intertwined with the unique specialization on mobility management topics.

In the course of four semesters, the participants coming from various areas of Porsche Holding, and especially from the sales and business development department, will focus on innovation strategies and technology trends. The MBA students will be creating market-relevant solutions for the company’s future to initiate change and drive new business models with a customer centric approach.

Paul Gahleitner

  • Head of Group HR | Porsche Holding GmbH

The MBA Mobility Management is a great possibility for our high potentials to prepare for future challenges and to build up future competencies. With this very international program we want to follow our HR Strategy and support the Porsche Holding in being the best partner for mobility solutions.


Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Academic Director | WU Executive Academy

Hardly anything characterizes life in a globalized society as much as mobility. Being mobile is the prerequisite for social participation, societal progress, economic growth, self-fulfillment and individual success.

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