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Special Workshop Leadership Orchestra - Executive Education

Special Workshop: Leadership Orchestra

We tailor each of our Special Workshops to the specific needs and requirements of the organization in question and deliver it in collaboration with renowned experts as part of a wider training program or module. “Hitting the right note is key”—this applies to orchestras as much as it applies to the day-to-day work of executives. The “Leadership Orchestra” workshop is delivered in collaboration with Lorenz Huber—a qualified conductor—and an international orchestra or string quartet. In its in-house programs, the WU Executive Academy uses the emotionalizing effect of music as a powerful catalyst for developing social and leadership skills of lasting value. Objectives


  • providing participants with an opportunity to experience the difference between the executive's perspective and the employee's perspective
  • helping them become more effective communicators and leaders
  • making them more aware of the effects of their body language and their impact as role models



Lorenz Huber

Conductor and consultant

Video of the last workshop at the WU Executive Academy (in German):

Dietmar Müller

  • CFO
  • Berndorf AG

The ‘Leadership Orchestra’ was one of the many real highlights of our Berndorf Executive Academy. Mastering the art of leadership begins with integrating all members of your team into the process. The orchestra provided immediate feedback, making it the perfect sounding board for me as an executive.

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