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Special Workshop Leading in the Dark

Special Workshop: Leading in the Dark

We tailor each of our Special Workshops to the specific needs and requirements of the organization in question and deliver it in collaboration with renowned experts as part of a wider training program or module. The “Leading in the Dark” workshop provides sighted participants with an opportunity to enter a lightless environment and experience a completely new world. Unable to see, they begin to perceive their surroundings through the prism of blindness.


Participants learn …

  • at the individual level: what it means to trust somebody “blindly”, to strike the right balance in terms of closeness and distance, and to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses in an exceptional situation,
  • at the team level: that team members depend on one another; they also learn how to improve and speed up the process of communication (incl. feedback) and information exchange, and
  • at the leadership level: to understand leadership responsibility, to supervise and delegate, to be more mindful of the strengths and weaknesses of team members, and to manage stress. 


This workshop has been developed in collaboration with Heike Reising, who also facilitates it together with “Dialogue in the Dark®” and their blind trainers. Additional support and assistance is provided by one executive education expert of the WU Executive Academy.


Heike Reising

Trainer and Mediator

Education: university degree in economics

Certified business trainer, coach, registered mediator

Head of IQM – Institut für qualitative Marktbearbeitung GmbH Developed “Leading in the Dark” in collaboration with “Dialogue in the Dark®”

2009 International German Training Award in Gold for “Dialogue in the Dark® as a training method 

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