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The Power to Fail | Business Management Workshop in Vienna

Special Workshop: The Power of Failure

We tailor each of our Special Workshops to the specific needs and requirements of the organization in question and deliver it in collaboration with renowned experts as part of a wider training program or module.

In a world in which success is of utmost importance, “failure” is an unpopular word because it has many unpleasant dimensions. However, experts agree: the biggest mistake is not to make a mistake. To be innovative one must learn how to fall down and get up again. In this workshop, the participants will have to leave their comfort zones and confront themselves with discomfort, loss of control and insecurity. This will help them realize that failure is the key to success.


  • helping participants accept the possibility of failing and enable them to utilise crises
  • giving them the opportunity to enhance their skills to handle tough situations
  • making them eager to leave their comfort zones and take advantage of the resulting opportunities
  • helping them understand creative processes and innovations


The workshop was developed in collaboration with Birte Restemeyer, a qualified theatre directress, mediator and communication psychologist and Prof. Wolfgang Mayrhofer from WU Vienna. Additional support and assistance is provided by executive education experts of WU Executive Academy.


Birte Restemeyer

Theater director | Acting teacher | Mediator | Communication psychologist

Wolfgang Mayrhofer

Professor | Interdisciplinary Institute of Management and Organizational Behavior | WU Vienna | Austria

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