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Diplom Betriebswirt | Certificate Program in Business Management (CBA)

Diplom Betriebswirt - Certificate Program in Business Management (CBA)

The part-time management program

The "Diplom Betriebswirt" program is designed as a part-time certificate program in business administration. It is ideal for professionals who want to undertake highly practical studies - while pursuing their full-time careers.

During this program participants widen their perspectives and acquire in-depth knowledge in general management, marketing management, integrated marketing and corporate communications as well as sales management.

Program information in detail

Please find the complete information (curriculum, faculty etc.) about the Diplom Betriebswirt - Certificate Program in Business Administration (CBA) on our German website.

Markus Deutsch

  • Managing Director | Association for Advertising & Market Communication | Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Well educated employees are an asset and strengthen Austria as a business location. The ‘Diplom Betriebswirt’ program is the right decision, as the WU Executive Academy offers a genuine, part-time alternative to a bachelor's degree.

Target group:

  • Participants wishing a qualification in Management
  • "Matura" graduates with career experience wishing to study part-time
  • Employees in marketing/sales responsibilities who want to update and improve their expertise
  • Participants desiring to develop improved management abilities, social skills and soft skills - alongside specialist knowledge
  • Graduates of a Certificate program wishing to complete the 18 months upgrade to the academic diploma in Business Administration

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