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Testimonials about the Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

What our students and alumni say about the Executive MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Tomasz Pilewicz, MBA, PhD

  • MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Class 2014-2016

Observations of Prof. Franke are in line with mind-effects I have personally experienced within engagement of the MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation program. Through very diversified group of almost 100 participants from almost 30 countries the nature and quality of our discussions, and group works very robust and touched different angles of business situations explored. Lecturers and peers coaching and relationships worked out within the studies enabled me move up with my personal development, and also career. Within the MBA program finished I was not only mobilized to finish my PhD studies in Economics, but also to tap new business opportunities.

During the time of the studies I started professional advisory services for Polish National Centre of Research and Development, became Open Innovation Expert at Polish Industrial Development Agency, and Research, Development and Innovation Expert at Deloitte Consulting maintaining my core managerial position at Philips HealthTech in Central and Eastern Europe. I couldn’t do that without learning how to work smarter, and leverage relationships I built within MBA classes stronger.

Nina Zenz, MBA

  • Head of Digital Service Development | Doka

Coming from a background of IT and project management, the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation perfectly complements my education and enabled me to expand my understanding of business and strategy.

In particular, the specialization on entrepreneurship and innovation provided me with valuable insights that I can transfer into my own business context. Understanding the dynamics of innovation and translating this knowledge into tangible business results was an important motivation for me when choosing this program.

Just as important as the content of the modules itself is the learning experience that this MBA provides. Working with classmates with very diverse backgrounds and career ambitions not only broadened my skill set but also my personal horizon.


Ying Wu, MBA

  • Alumna | International Atomic Energy Agency

Coming from a technical background, I decided to take this MBA program in order to broaden my horizon, study economics and business, and improve my management skills. The study workload is high, but what I have learned from it is worth all the effort I have paid. This MBA has truly fulfilled my expectations. Also, working with and learning from my classmates from different backgrounds was very eye-opening. This program has not only provided me with knowledge, but has also ignited my enthusiasm for further engagement in entrepreneurship and innovation. I am very happy to have chosen this MBA.

Christian Aberer

  • Specialist for Digital Marketing Coordination
  • Content & Solutions and eCommerce | Samsung Electronics Austria

Before the beginning of the program I strongly believed that a Professional MBA would provide me with the needed skills in order to unite my creative ideas with the often needed business background. My expectations have been exceeded and in addition to the programs’ accreditations and reputation I have been able to establish a network of highly motivated and dedicated people. The workload should, however, not be underestimated. If you put in the effort you will reap the rewards from the first day of the program onwards.


Henrike Paetz, MBA

  • Alumna | Program Lead Equestrian Sports | SAP AG

Looking back at the MBA program after two years now, it definitely changed the way I approach new projects - be it looking for that even more valuable feature or striving to tweak processes to better support creativity and innovation. The insights and approaches provided by the excellent lecturers combined with the diverse experiences of all these smart fellows from around the world simply made each module a pleasure to attend. The benefit and results of the program were worth every effort spent.

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