Global team project – learn to work and think globally

Working efficiently in global teams and leading multinational projects successfully are topics of increasing importance for businesses worldwide.

In order to encourage networked global thought-processes, the Global Executive MBA has an integral global team project (GTP) as a key part of its curriculum. Students will directly apply new approaches and concepts to an explicit business project. It lasts six months and is presented to an expert panel during the International Immersion in the U.S.A..

Markus Müllegger, MBA

  • Managing Director | Vienna Residence | Austria

It is hard to say what I like the most about the Global Executive MBA. Yet what was definitely special, was the virtual team project, the trip to China meeting the teammates there and, finally, the journey to the United States and presenting as the whole global team (with its fun and its challenges) the business idea developed together as final project for graduation.

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Team structure

The project unites Executive MBA participants of three world-class business schools: The WU Vienna (Austria), the Carlson School of Management (U.S.A.) and the Lingnan (University) College (China).

The teams are put together considering members are from varying industries and sectors. This ensures the broadest possible range of experience and perspectives.

Students brought together in global teams not only work on a highly demanding topic but also face the inherent challenges of working across cultures and three different time zones.

Elena Solomatina, MBA

  • Director | VDEL | Austria

The Global Team Project was an amazing experience. The result of it is a successfully running apartment hotel, 4 Beds and More, in Vienna. Connect @LinkedIn

Customized online learning

For the duration of the project, the teams use online communication platforms to facilitate interactive working processes. This enables the teams to acquire real-life practice in international projects – while still reflecting the demanding nature of working in a global team. Throughout the journey, teams receive support and coaching from university professors.

Harald Trautsch, MBA

  • Founder & CEO | Dolphin Technologies | Austria

When I embarked on the GTP, I had already worked at the international level and carried out projects with virtual teams. What was challenging in this case was the absence of hierarchical structures. Everyone had the opportunity to demonstrate his or her skills – and was subsequently evaluated on the basis of the results he or she had achieved. There were no justifications, sick leaves or excuses of any other sort: we were working towards a common goal, and everyone was doing his or her best. The result of our work is iVoting, which is now being used by businesses such as American Express and Nokia. Connect @LinkedIn

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