International Immersion

An MBA Experience With A Lasting Impact

To really capture and fully understand business ecosystems across the globe, you need to leave your comfort zone and immerse yourself in countries, cultures and companies you may not have experienced before. The International Immersion is the highlight of our Executive MBA programs and will take you to these uncharted territories. It equals venturing out to the global business arena, to different countries so as to explore how cultural and societal connections, the political landscape, macro-economic conditions and many other aspects affect how companies, large or small, domestic or international, do business in different parts of the world.

  • Look around with an inquisitive mindset and open your horizon to calibrate and refine your perception of the world

  • Immerse yourself into an international business ecosystem that is a perfect fit for your program focus

  • Gain unforgettable experiences with your fellow students and broaden your horizons

One Journey - Limitless Added Value

Together with your peers, you go through one-of-a-kind experience, while you forge personal bonds for life and strengthen your network with your peers. The International Immersion is an experience you will still remember years after your graduation – it will be among the most valuable take-aways of your MBA experience.

Your International Immersion blends four different program elements to provide you with a holistic and unique experience tailored to the specific destination and its idiosyncrasies as well as the topical focus.

4 Areas of International Immersions
Academic Content

Academic Content

World-class intellectual food-for-thought

Networking with professors & lecturers

Transferring expert knowledge into practice

Company Visits

Company Visits & Excursions

Real life insights into the business universe

Interaction with firms - large or small, domestic or international

Visiting production sites and company facilities

Expert Talks

Expert Talks

Perspectives from business observers (diplomats, artists, international trade experts and more)

Deep dives and birds-eye views

360° business kaleidoscope

Cultural Discoveries

Cultural Discoveries

Understand foreign business through the lens of cultural idiosyncrasies

Explore how culture informs society and business

Enjoy a great time together beyond the classroom

Recent International Immersions can give a glimpse of what you can expect from future trips during your Executive MBA journey:

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Please note: to reflect the latest developments and best practices of the ever changing global economy, the locations of the International Immersions vary in the programs.

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