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The curriculum of the Executive MBA Strategic Marketing & Sales consists of two integral parts: the business core and the specialization modules. The business core modules cover vital economic and business administration expertise alongside up-to-date management and leadership tools and techniques. The specialization modules allow participants to gain profound knowledge, expertise and competencies in a chosen function or industry.

In today’s world, where customers are flooded with choices, options, and alternatives, the success of your products and services lies in a seamless customer experience and this is where a perfect interplay of marketing and sales is paramount.

  • Creating products and services that fulfil customer expectations and beyond,
  • under the umbrella of a strong and trusted brand,
  • engaging in meaningful conversations with your customers about it,
  • delivering your products and services right when your customers need them,
  • AND making sure you reap the financial benefits you deserve.

This is what the specialization Strategic Marketing & Sales can do for you.

In an intensive exchange with faculty from leading institutions & experienced practitioners, you engage in knowledge building conversations and practical discussions around marketing and sales topics with our peers from different industries, companies, and countries. Are you ready to take yourself to the next level?

Below, you find a detailed description of the Strategic Marketing & Sales specialization modules:

    • Managing your Brand Portfolio

      Developing and nurturing compelling brands is essential to winning and keeping customers. Key topics covered in this module include identifying what makes your customers cherish and love your brand and products, how to establish its role in your company’s brand architecture and successfully using the brand management tool kit. You will deepen your understanding how to build, nurture, and grow your brand portfolio in a dynamic market environment.

    • Marketing, Sales, and the Bottom Line

      Marketing and sales strategies are designed to delight your customers. Dashboards, cockpits, and metrics across marketing and sales activities facilitate reporting the success in the markets and allow for continuous improvement and fine-tuning of initiatives. At the end of the day, the best marketing and sales strategies are as good as they contribute to a company’s bottom line. Therefore, you will enhance your knowledge on how to develop effective pricing strategies that determine your company’s financial well-being.

    • Going Omnichannel in your Communications

      Communication with your customers happens anywhere anytime at a global scale. In this module, you develop a deep understanding in how you can engage your customers with your brands, for example, through tools like storytelling or content marketing. You create insights how to maneuver your messages in an omnichannel communication landscape to reach your customers with emotions and facts effectively. Blending online and offline touchpoints, creating seamless experience for your customers all pays into reaching them in the perfect moment with the perfect message.

    • Managing your Customer Relations

      Spreading the word is important, but equally important is to provide tailored strategies to delight key accounts and service customers as effective and efficient as possible. Simply reaching them through the right distribution channels with a tailored value proposition. To win customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is crucial to navigating the channel portfolio from online sales channels all across the spectrum to direct sales conversations with your key accounts. In this course, you will enhance your toolbox along the broad areas of key account management, strategic sales force management, or channel management.

    • Marketing & Sales Lab

      The world of marketing and sales is changing rapidly. Here, students reflect on innovative ideas and current issues brought to the lab days. We introduce you to hot topics in marketing and sales such as marketing analytics, neuromarketing, global crisis communication, or trend spotting as well as to other topics that are tailored to the individual requests of each class.

    • Creating Innovative Product and Business Models

      The Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area are one of the best places to explore the topic of innovation. Within the International Immersion, you will immerse yourself in this unique ecosystem of start-ups, tech giants, and leading universities. You will work together with excellent faculty to explore what it takes to stay innovative with your products and business models. Engaging with entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants in the area will round out your deep dive and allows you to generate your own ideas of what you can leverage into your own professional environment from this unique setting.

    • Writing a scientific paper

      At the end of the Executive MBA program, students have to write a master's thesis in order to receive the academic degree of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA). The intention of the master's thesis is to guarantee that the graduate of the Executive MBA program is able to write scientific papers on his or her own.

Portrait Daniela Dorner

Daniela Dorner, MBA

  • Head of Strategic Channel Partners | Mondi Group | Austria

Coming from a career in sales, the program has been a great way to understand the relationship and interdependence between marketing and sales. The curriculum covers most current topics from both areas equipping you with the latest expert know-how for your professional career.

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