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Our Executive MBA Strategic Project Management is truly international, reflecting the realities of the business world. You will work alongside experienced executives from a broad range of companies and business areas, giving you an insight into their way of thinking and their approach to business.

Our alumni pursue diverse careers in project management

“Project management can also be considered as a jump into a new career - to change yourself - to reinvent yourself," says Prof. Martina Huemann, Academic Director.

Since there is so many different project types, there are many different career options for alumni. Watch this recent alumni talk with 4 guests, who all work in very different sectors.

The following statistics are based on the last 3 intakes.

Anita Sahu-Osen

Anita Sahu-Osen

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager | G.L. Pharma

The most mind-blowing part of the whole experience are my classmates: Everyone brings a unique set of skills and mindset by coming from different cultural and educational backgrounds. Listening to these extraordinary people is a treat and makes it so much fun.


Portrait Katharina Radlinger-Köhler

Katharina Radlinger-Köhler, MBA

  • Alumna | Functional Lead Project Management | NOVOMATIC AG

The program was a fabulous journey in so many ways: we enjoyed the best lecturers in the area of project management, had unique possibilities for exchange with experts from project-oriented companies, and last but not least, I had the most amazing colleagues during the whole journey. If you are looking for advice in case you are considering to start that journey: yes, definitely! It will surely pay off in so many perspectives.

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Executive MBA Strategic Project Management - class profile in detail

Click here to download a detailed class profile including nationalities, industry and functional background, and management level of the participants.

Possible Career Paths

Diversity is key in class - the executives participating come from different nationalities and diverse professional backgrounds and pursue interesting and inspiring careers.

Read through the career stories of our Alumni and understand the impact a Strategic Project Management MBA program can have on your professional life.

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