LL.M. Digitalization & Tax Law

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Transform taxation into the future

Digitalization and transformation are much more than just buzzwords of these days. Even though we are seeing current trends and are comfortable talking about them, we often underestimate the importance and context in which we operate, because we are accustomed to believing that we are in control. How often do we see trends but do not act fast enough on them? The digitalization of information exchange between tax authorities and taxpayers is a trend that will not disappear.

Industry and business communities use technology to optimize tax processes and to comply with reporting obligations. Processes orchestrate corporate resources to fulfil these external demands. They are a key factor determining the compliance obligations, cost-to-serve, and operational efficiency. In particular, they determine tasks, jobs, and responsibilities and by this, shape the future work of every taxpayer and tax authority.

Processes are the arterial system within organizations and in inter-organizational supply networks. Tax and Trade law build the basis for the related processes to comply. Consequently, any process failure can bring tax and customs life and the entire process ecosystem to a standstill.

Processes determine the potential and speed of an organization to adapt to new circumstances and to comply with a fast-growing number of legislative requirements.

LL.M. Digitization & Tax Law
[Translate to English:] Portrait Mary O'Leary

Mary O'Leary

  • Tax and Technology Lead | Vizor | Dubai
  • U.A.E.

The program has not only widened my knowledge in both tax and technology but also facilitated an understanding of the tax function from a variety of perspectives; industry, tax practice, technology, law firm and government. I feel this has greatly enhanced my confidence in my chosen career path and one that will stay with me for the future.

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    • Schedule

      • Program Start / Introduction to Tax Law
        September 27-30, 2021
      • Business Process Management
        October 4-7, 2021
      • Advanced Topics in BPM
        November 8-11, 2021
      • International Tax Law
        December 13-16, 2021
      • Data Science
        January 17-20, 2022
      • Case Study I
        February 21-24, 2022
      • Transfer Pricing
        March 28-31, 2022
      • Value Added Tax and Customs
        April 25-28, 2022
      • Process Mining and Process Automation
        May 30 - June 2, 2022
      • Case Study II
        June 20-23, 2022
    • Target group

      YOU ARE …

      • A practitioner in a tax advisory firm, an in-house tax manager or tax director of a company, a tax technology manager, or a tax officer
      • Seeking answers to questions like what are the new technology innovations about, what’s the matter with tax authorities promoting the usage of technology, what does tax compliance mean, and last but not least how to create and ensure tax and legal transparency to be compliant with law
    • Program content

      Tax Law

      • Fundamentals of Income Tax Law
      • International Tax Law
      • Transfer Pricing
      • Value Added Tax and Customs

      Digitalization and Information Systems

      • Business Process Management (BPM)
      • Advanced Topics in Business Process Management
      • Data Science
      • Process Mining and Process Automation

      Digitalization and Information Systems in the Tax Field - Case Studies I

      • Data Accessibility and Cloud Solutions
      • BPM Modeling for Tax Processes e.g. Withholding Taxes
      • Business Intelligence Tax Applications, Simulations, and Dashbords
      • European VAT BI Analysis for Compliance and Benefit Tracking
      • Process Mining for VAT

      Digitalization and Information Systems in the Tax Field - Case Studies II

      • Use Case Selection for Direct/Indirect Taxes
      • Artificial Intelligence for Tax and Trade, Customs, Duties
      • Interaction between VAT/Transfer Pricing and Customs
      • Customs Automation and Prediction of Benefits
      • Blockchain Applications for Tax and Customs
    • Certificate

      After completing the course, you will be awarded a LL.M. degree from the WU Executive Academy.


Mendling Jan Portrait

Jan Mendling

Department of Computer Science | Humboldt-University of Berlin | Germany

Department of Information Systems and Operations | WU Vienna | Austria

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Robert Risse

Former Corporate Vice President Tax & Trade | Henkel AG & Co KGaA | Germany

More information

Alexander Rust

Professor | Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law | WU Vienna | Austria

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