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International Tax Law program (LL.M.)

Second to none worldwide

In a time of globalization, international tax law has gained in importance. The LL.M. program at WU meets the increasing demands for training and education by offering courses the intensity of which is second to none worldwide. The main emphasis is on conveying specialist knowledge in international tax law, as well as on making an interdisciplinary link to related areas of knowledge. With renowned experts from all over the world as lecturers, education at the highest international level with a great degree of practical relevance is guaranteed.

Renowned scholars

This program was devised at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law of WU (Prof. Michael Lang, Prof. Alexander Rust, Prof. Josef Schuch, Prof. Claus Staringer, Prof. Jeffrey Owens, Prof. Pasquale Pistone, Prof. Alfred Storck); the Institute has specialized in lecturing on and research in international tax law for many years. Comprehensive networking with professionals in this field, renowned scholarship and widely acknowledged achievements in research, and a broad range of partnerships with researchers from Austria and abroad have created the preconditions for expanding the course offerings to postgraduate education.

The program is jointly offered by WU and the Akademie der Wirtschaftstreuhänder. The Akademie der Wirtschaftstreuhänder has a proven and comprehensive track record in the area of training and education, and thus also represents the cutting edge of our LL.M. program.

Please find the complete information about the International Tax Law program on the LL.M. Website.

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