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Students & Alumni Testimonials | Executive MBA in Bucharest

Executive MBA student & alumni testimonials

Tereza Tranaka, MBA

  • Alumna | Managing Partner | Oxygen PR

This is an MBA for top executives that goes beyond theory deep into the very practical aspects of the job. It’s not another high-ranked diploma on my wall, but rather a wealth of knowledge that I can actually apply in the business world. I highly recommend this program, which is by far the best one in Romania, if not the region.

Tereza Tranaka @LinkedIn

Burak Yildiran, MBA

  • Alumnus | Coordinator HR | Garanti Bank | Turkey

The Executive MBA provided me with a more in-depth knowledge of the various management functions that make up an organization, with applicable and practical solutions to everyday work problems. The program has professors from the world’s finest universities and a fast-track executive-level learning environment, while its flexibility allows for top level managers to integrate it into their demanding schedules. In today’s competitive climate, the management and decision-making skills gained through an MBA program are invaluable and the WU Executive MBA is simply the best choice in Romania.

Burak Suleyman Yildiran @LinkedIn

Cristina Varzaru, MBA

  • Alumna | Head of Balance Sheet | Banca Comerciala | România

The improvement of my professional competences and personal aptitudes, especially on the relationship, communication and networking side, considered essential attributes for managing teams, represents a valuable personal gain from the WU Executive MBA courses attended. The focus on leadership and the complex management concepts discussed throughout the program have been very useful for the development of my managerial skills and also the positive attitude for pursuing success.

Cristina Varzaru @LinkedIn

Iana Ivanova, MBA

  • Alumna | Executive Director | Media Link Jsc | Bulgaria

WU's Executive MBA Bucharest was an amazing journey. It gave me not only very well structured knowledge and useful business concepts which help me to align my management skills with requirements of the contemporary fast moving business world, but it gave me the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn from the experience of colleagues - managers from different fields of expertise. One of the best things in the program is that it is designed for people with business experience and works to upgrade and help you structure your business skills through different forms of discussions, group assignments, business projects development and simulation games without making you feel the pressure of going back to school. WU provides you the best books, the best information sources and guidance of great professors and gives you the opportunity by actively working with your colleagues to get the most of it.

Iana Ivanova @LinkedIn

Radu Bragarea, MBA

  • Alumnus | General Manager | Pensions - Eureko | Romania

It is difficult to mention only one benefit. The program strengthened and expanded my knowledge and skills in all areas of business. I now have a profound understanding of the major influencing factors of a company. At the same time I learned how the global economy works and how to govern a multinational company.

Radu Bragarea @LinkedIn

Razvan Pascu, MBA

  • Alumnus | Managing Partner | Travel Communication Romania & President | Travel Focus Association

As a young entrepreneur with an expanding business to watch over and develop, with clients and employees depending on my time and expertise, joining the Executive MBA program was a really difficult decision to take. Still, after the first module I learned that time takes the shape of your activity, like liquids in a bowl, and I managed to fit even better than before all my activities into my monthly agenda. One of the most valuable things the EMBA offered me was the possibility to see several business models across the world, from US to Vienna, and it helped me broaden my business vision and think more globally. The Executive MBA was more than just a theoretical education experience. It inspired me to expand my communication and events agency to Central and Eastern Europe and it was one of the best decisions for my growing business.

Razvan Pascu @LinkedIn

Ovidiu Stanescu, MBA

  • Alumnus | CEO | ROMKATEL

The Executive MBA program from WU boosted my knowledge and my career to top executive level. I specially appreciated the careful selection of professors, global perspective and quality of residencies in USA and Austria. Today, long after graduation, I am enjoying the access gained to a powerful networking community of professionals and peers.

Ovidiu Stanescu @Linkedin

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