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International MBA Residencies

It is impossible to understand the phenomenon of globalization without venturing out into the world.

True to this motto, the WU Executive Academy sends its MBA students on study trips all over the globe. Participants benefit from these ‘international residencies’ in several ways: In the mornings, students attend lectures. In the afternoons, they visit both regional and international companies, gaining first-hand knowledge of the unique business and market environments these companies operate in. Afterwards, they discuss their experiences with top managers.

What can you expect during the international residencies?

Latin America: e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Chile

Student at a company visit
Residency in South America

During the residency in Latin America, you will learn about main economic indicators and experience different cultural settings in order to understand how to “do” business. In recent residencies, particpants visited e.g. Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America, responsible for almost 40% of regional GDP. Other recent locations include Argentina and highlighted the economic growth and fall, as well as the reasons why the country became a textbook case of a balance between populism and liberalism. Additionally, you will learn about the winning strategies used by “multilatinas.” Past company visits: Fonterra Brazil, Eli Lilly do Brazil

Asia: Hyderabad | India & Hong Kong | China

Residency in China

You will study at two of the leading universities in Asia and gain broad experience in two of the fastest growing economies in the world. On your company visits you will learn directly from managers about the challenges of the Asian market, its characteristics and how companies can become successful in the most important economic regions of the 21st century. Alongside visiting major corporations, you will have the chance to visit smaller local companies and gain insights into social projects. Recent company visits: Infosys, Google, Microsoft, Midea Our partner universities in Asia:

Minneapolis & New York City | USA

Carlson School Graduate Commencement

This residency at the Carlson School of Management allows you to explore the idiosyncrasies of the U.S. business environment and focus on global innovation strategies of large U.S. enterprises. The experience gives you a comprehension of the complexity of crafting a global strategy.

Recent company visits: Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Thomson Reuters, 3M, General Mills, Standard & Poor’s

Xuewei Zheng, MBA

  • Project & Controlling Manager | AME International GmbH

The Asia residency was an undoubted highlight of the WU Executive MBA program. I particularly enjoyed the practical lectures at Sun Yat-sen University Lingnan College, the company visits in China and the opportunity to network and engage in in-depth discussions with the Chinese MBA students. It was amazing to see that Guangzhou has such a highly developed infrastructure. Being a native of China, I feel privileged to have attended lectures at one of the country's leading universities. During the company visits, I was deeply impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment of the businesses and by their approaches to management and organization. It makes me proud to see that Chinese firms are increasing their R&D spending with a view to gaining a strong foothold in the global market.

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