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Global Executive MBA Students and Alumni Testimonials

Elena Litvinova, MBA

  • Alumna | Vice President
  • Business Development | NovaMedica | Russia

The WU Global Executive MBA offers a high-class business education flavored by international cross cultural experience and invaluable learning environment created by WU faculty worldwide within a super concise and effective program timeline. A great opportunity for motivated executives to grow to the next level.

Peter Pirkner, MBA

  • Alumnus | Senior Director Human Resources & Internal Communications | A1 Telekom Austria AG

This unique program really lives up with its name. By graduating the Global Executive MBA I could definitely gain high returns from the variety of the different global program modules. From first-class lectures to international residencies and projects it provides everything an exceptional MBA program requires. Within my further career I could absolutely benefit from my acquired skills and knowledge in general management in daily business cases.

Peter Pirkner @LinkedIn

Martina Ernst, MBA

  • Alumna | Head of Human Ressources | Erste Bank

The Global Executive MBA program has certainly exceeded my expectations. I chose it for the well-rounded selection of study modules, the multiple accreditations and the strong international rankings. 
What I did not fully anticipate was the positive effect of my new diverse network with highly qualified international managers from interesting companies all around the world - a network which provided not only advice and support but new and exciting career opportunities to many of us.

Alexander Vesely, MBA

  • Alumnus | Country Sales Manager | ESM Austria | BMC Software GmbH

Working on a project in a team, whose members are located in different parts of the world, simulates a situation that has become commonplace in today’s businesses environment. By joining forces with executives who have different cultural backgrounds, you get a chance to engage in a lively exchange of experience on how to best cope with such situations.

Alexander Vesely @LinkedIn

Natalia Litvinova, MBA

  • Alumna | Marketing Director | AGU Baby AG

Globalization is happening now, not tomorrow. You either are prepared to face it and know how to handle it, or you prepare yourself for a failure. I was promoted even when the program was not finished yet. But the fact that I was doing the Global Executive MBA was a significant input into the decision making process of the stakeholders. Now I have the most global-related position one could think of, as working in a strategy department of a global company head office, I am handling portfolio projects all around the world, from Ethiopia to Czech Republic, from Congo to Croatia. My responsibilities involve analyzing both macro and microeconomic factors in very different markets, all the knowledge I got during my MBA class is literally very applicable on an everyday basis. It was the best time for me to decide for the Global Executive MBA program now.

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