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Experts & Alumni Testimonials | MBA Energy Management

MBA Energy Management students & alumni testimonials

Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin

  • Former Secretary General of OPEC | General Director of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) | Kuwait

The MBA Energy Management is a highly welcomed addition to specialized postgraduate education in the complex energy landscape. Building on the broad experience of the WU Executive Academy in management education and the outstanding success of its Executive MBA, this program fills a global gap in specialized executive education. In the light of the rising importance of energy resources in the 21st century the topics covered are currently at the top of the global economic, environmental and political agenda.

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Ilina Stefanova Porträt

Ilina Stefanova

  • Student | Head of Energy Policy and Environmental Affairs | EVN Bulgaria | Bulgaria

Come prepared for a quite tough study program and consider your time because it is a lot about time management. Also, be prepared to have lots of fun because it’s not only studies; it’s so much fun. You are meeting your colleagues who are professionals in different fields so there’s lot to learn and lot to share.

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Eduardo Posch, MBA

  • Alumnus | Senior Analyst on Strategy and Portfolio | Statoil | U.K.

The MBA Energy Management program of the WU Executive Academy allows you to develop more related skills in energy and study in an environment with colleagues from the industry. With my academic background in business, and after six years of working experience in business development and marketing for Shell in Latin America, I decided it was the right time to do an MBA. WU Executive Academy is a top-tier university which has set new standards, enabling you to continue working while you attend regular lectures on short term residencies. I utilized this unique feature of the program to hold a strategy internship during the summer with Statoil UK in London. This was an excellent experience to draw upon the practical skills I developed in previous work experience and to also apply my learning from my MBA. The end of the program marks a turning point in my career. Shortly after I started as a Senior Analyst in Strategy within Statoil’s Global Strategy and Business Development Unit, based in London.

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Gulmirza Javadov, MBA

  • Alumnus | General Director SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) | Regional Representative Office Vienna | Austria

The WU Executive Academy’s MBA Energy Management is a compact program which enables people from non-technical backgrounds to gain a thorough knowledge of principal energy industries and related areas. The program is intensive, comprehensive and challenging. It prepares students effectively to excel in their current and future professional obligations.

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Dr. Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer

  • Former CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board | OMV AG | Austria

OMV is the leading energy group in the European growth belt and puts great value on sound, hands-on training for young people. The MBA Energy Management at WU Vienna unites theory with practice in the best possible manner. In addition, since major energy companies such as OMV and international organizations including the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are based in Vienna, the city also provides additional basic, practical conditions for students who study in this field. As a company OMV supports this training program so that the Energy Management MBA program continues to be on the leading-edge.

Lanre Anibaba, MBA

  • Alumnus | Crude & Products Accounting | ENI Tranding & Shipping Inc. | USA

I came to the WU with almost 20 years working experience in the oil and gas business and yet was amazed as to how much more I’ve learnt about the energy business in such a short while. The MBA in Energy Management is rich in both content and structure with guest lecturers who are acclaimed practitioners in their fields. The faculty is very international, representing state-of-the-art knowledge while the diversity in student body ensures cross-cultural learning and the feeling of being at home regardless of where you come from. For me it’s been a challenging and yet an enriching experience.

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