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International Residency | MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation international residency

Experience the energizing startup scene of New York City and the Boston area

The international residency to the Boston area and New York City is an essential part of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation – and has always been a real highlight of the program. The study trip brings theory and practice together in an international context. It provides students with special insight into both the American way of doing business and of pushing innovation as well as the energizing startup scene of New York City and Route 128. Lectures and workshops take place at renowned institutions such as the Harvard Business School (HBS), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Columbia University, and Babson College. In the past, many leading international researchers in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation gave exclusive lectures to our MBA participants. Among them were Prof. Eric von Hippel (MIT Sloan School of Management) and Prof. Karim Lakhani (HBS), to name only two.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Invaluable insights into a hotbed of innovation

Gaining an understanding of the specifics of the American “culture of success” is highly interesting, especially for European entrepreneurs. Therefore, our MBA students meet with founders of start-ups and spin-offs, innovation leaders, as well as with venture capitalists. Exchanging experiences with successful entrepreneurs and experts, provides students with a valuable opportunity to gain input on how to approach professional challenges and makes it also possible for them to identify similarities and differences between the US and their own business environments. Recently, we have visited companies such as Salesforce, Formlabs, or the German Accelerator.

Visits to specialized academic facilities such as the MIT Technology Licensing Office, the MIT Entrepreneurship Center and the Cambridge Innovation Center round out the international residency. Students who wish to do so can also participate in interesting events like MassChallenge – the world’s largest accelerator program and start-up competition. Other highlights include campus tours at Harvard University and the MIT as well as visits to the MIT Museum or the Museum of Science. In addition, students take part in social activities like the Boston Duck Tour or attend typical American sporting events. The international residency is not only a great learning experience but also a lot of fun.

Teaching at Babson College
Harvard Faculty Club
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