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MBA Marketing & Sales | Curriculum | Professional MBA Degree

Professional MBA in Marketing & Sales Curriculum

Take a world-class MBA while pursuing your career.

The Business Core modules cover vital economic and business administration expertise alongside up-to-date management and leadership tools and techniques. The Specialization modules allow participants to gain profound knowledge, expertise and competencies in a chosen function or industry.

In addition to the Business Core you are enrolled in the following specialization modules:

    • Brands & Communication

      Nature of brands and their importance in a global marketing environment; successful brand management and diversification of existing brands; development of integrated marketing communication strategies and their effective performance analysis; and interface management with communication professionals balancing ideas and marketing budgets.

    • Marketing Financials

      Sources, strengths and weaknesses of various marketing and sales metrics, different methods of marketing audits, customer and brand equity measurements, design of a relevant metrics dashboard, latest developments in marketing and sales management control, key concepts in pricing at a strategic level, competitive strategy and effective pricing.

    • Customer Relations

      Successful customer relationship management through strategic sales management, pros and cons of various sales compensation and expense systems, sales planning including forecasting, budgeting and sales territory management, individual and corporate sales. Strategic value of key account management and the role of information technology (CRM/SFA) with key accounts.

    • Distribution Channel Management

      Distribution channel management including appropriate channel and partner selection, successful governance mechanisms for managing marketing channels, logistics and supply chain management in the wider business environment.

    • Personal Selling Performance

      Identification and analysis of personal negotiation and selling skills in an international marketing arena, specifics of internal and external personal communication as a leader in marketing and sales.

    • Marketing & Sales Lab

      The world of marketing and sales is changing rapidly. Here, students reflect on innovative ideas and current issues brought to the lab days. Hot topics in marketing and sales such as neuromarketing, global crisis communication or trend spotting are introduced in this setting as well as other topics that are tailored to the individual requests of each class.

    • Writing a scientific paper

      At the end of the MBA program, students have to write a master thesis in order to receive the academic degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA). The intention of the master thesis is to guarantee that the graduate of the MBA program is able to write scientific papers on his or her own.

Thomas Hensellek, MBA

  • Marketing Director | Iglo | Austria

This program is for professionals who want to succeed in the dynamic field of marketing and sales. It prepares you for current and future challenges, generate fresh ideas, and helps you improve your leadership skills. Connect @LinkedIn

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