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Student & Alumni Voices | Marketing & Sales MBA | WU Academy

Testimonials about the MBA in Marketing & Sales

Assoc.Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

  • Academic Director & Dean

When you look at companies that really make a difference in their markets, everything points to how effectively these companies are integrating marketing AND sales activities to not only serve their customers, but to delight them. This has inspired us to bring these two worlds – marketing and sales – together in a cutting-edge curriculum that imparts knowledge through practical approaches and a solid theoretical basis. It will help them to take their careers to the next level.

Miroslava Litvakova, MBA

  • Alumna | Group Sourcing Director | NATEK | Poland

Many years of professional experience have made me realize that marketing and sales are crucial for significant business decisions and steer businesses the right way to prosperity. The Professional MBA Marketing & Sales program at WU offers high quality experienced lectors who make this program essential and valuable to managers on all levels. This program is for those professional business people who are willing to show discipline, invest time and energy to gain knowledge and become an influential and inspirational role model to their subordinates.

Dmitry Osokin, MBA

  • Alumnus | Strategic Account Manager | Roche Pharmaceuticals | Austria

Describing my MBA program in a nutshell, I would like to point out three key aspects: excellent reputation, well-balanced curriculum and excellent career prospects. In fact attending a part-time Professional MBA program means hard work as well. Therefore, I very much appreciated the modulare structure, which fit perfectly my challenging full-time job. Even though I had the chance to study abroad, I regard this program as truly unique. In addition to the professional package, this MBA gave me an enjoyable experience of being part of a class of outstanding international individuals. I am proud that I was a part of the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales.

Karin Polzhofer, MBA

  • Alumna | Head of Marketing & Sales Support | KAPO & Neue Wiener Werkstätte | Austria

I wanted to deepen my business knowledge, particularly in the areas of finance, marketing and sales to apply it to our family business. There are mainly 3 qualities I took away from my experience. Firstly, the theoretical knowledge and practical tools were very helpful to apply in my daily business. Secondly, the more deepened insight into marketing & sales has given me confidence to work in this area as a manager. The third takeaway is definitely the many contacts and connections I made. Studying and having a job simultaneously is very intense but everything worked out and it was one of the best decisions I made.

Peter Grant-Hay, MBA

  • Alumnus | Diplomatic Sales Representative | BMW Group | Austria

When considering suitable business schools, I began evaluating MBA programs that provided a well known and globally accredited qualification as well as those known for attracting motivated professionals from around the world. The Executive Academy´s MBA Marketing & Sales program not only fulfilled these requirements but its part-time format, allowing me to continue working full time, proved a task which challenged every aspect of how I manage my personal and professional life. As well as greatly augmenting my business education and providing access to cutting edge marketing resources and sales tools, I made many important friendships, which will continue to enrich my life in years to come.

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