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International Residency in a Project Management Hotspot | MBA Project Management

Gain valuable insights into international markets

If you want to fully grasp the complex interdependencies in today’s increasingly globalized business environment, you need to go out into the world - there are things you cannot learn about through reading but only through personal experience. The Professional MBA curriculum extends well beyond the walls of the classroom. In the course of program, you will complete an international residency, working with international faculty members and practitioners. The international residency links theoretical input to practical examples in an international context. Besides attending different classes and distinguished guest speaker presentations, students visit leading companies. Potential areas for the international residency are:

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • San Francisco & Silicon Valley, USA
  • East Coast e.g. Philadelphia, USA
  • Finland etc.

Company visits

In addition to classes abroad, you will get the opportunity to meet senior executives of leading national and international corporations. Here, you will have the chance to ask questions and listen to their views on the most current issues facing the global markets. You will be exposed to different ways of working, secure new contacts and gain a global awareness of operating in international markets.

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