MBA Public Auditing Faculty

Our faculty comprises some of the finest business minds in the world, drawn from an expert pool from WU Vienna and prestigious partner universities around the globe. The faculty members bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to all facets of business. They share a passion for knowledge development and constantly encourage their students to strive for higher standards. 

Faculty members are leading academics in current business research. Their latest findings are regularly published in foremost international journals. Their combined experience and international expertise enables the faculty to present an integrated, global management perspective emphasizing the application of theory to practice.

Academic Director

Prof. Harald Oberhofer

Deputy Head | Institute for International Economics | WU Vienna | Austria

Faculty | Specialization Public Auditing

Portrait of Andreas Blumauer

Andreas Blumauer

Founder and CEO | Semantic Web Company GmbH

- Corporate Semantic Web

- Semantic Technologies

- Knowledge Management

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Claudio Di Ciccio

Claudio Di Ciccio

Assistant Professor | Institute for Information Business | member of the Institute for Cryptoeconomics  | WU Vienna

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- Process mining
- Declarative process modeling
- Complex event processing

Thomas Funke

Managing Director, TechQuartier Frankfurt

- Start-ups & Company Formation

- Entrepreneurship & Innovation

- Idea Development & Implementation

Thomas Fürstner

Thomas Fürstner

Founder & CTO of Riddle&Code | Europe’s leading company for blockchain interface solutions

Martin Giesswein

Co-Founder Talent Garden Vienna 2017/18,

DigitalCity.Wien Co-initiator, Exit-CEO Immobilien.NET 2014

Author, Podcaster, Keynote Speaker

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Siegfried Handschuh

Professor of Data Science | Director of Institute of Computer Science | University of St. Gallen

Ronald Hochreiter

President & CEO | Academy of Data Science in Finance | Austria

Lecturer | Research Institute for Computational Methods | WU Vienna | Austria

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Sabrina Kirrane

Sabrina Kirrane

Assistant Professor | Institute for Information Business | member of the Institute for Cryptoeconomics | WU Vienna

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- Digital forensics
- Data analytics
- Semantic web and linked data

Patricia Klarner

Professor | Institute for Organization Design | WU Vienna | Austria

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Portrait of Stefan Koch

Stefan Koch

Vice-Rector and Professor | Institute for Business Informatics | Johannes Kepler University Linz | Austria

- IT management, strategy and governance in companies

- Business models and open innovation processes in the digital economy

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Thomas Kolarik

Erste Group | Advisor to the CEO, Banca Comercială Română

Portrait of Brigitte Lutz

Brigitte Lutz

Data Governance coordinator of the City of Vienna | Executive group for Organisation, Safety and Security | Process management & ICT strategy | Chief Executive Office of the City of Vienna

- Blockchain

- Open Government

- Open Data

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Marta Olowska

Marta Olowska

International Tax Law

Philipp Philippen

LRN LAB by Innogy Consulting, Experte Agile und Lean

Axel Polleres

Professor and Head of Institute | Department of Information Systems & Operations | Institute for Information Business | WU Vienna | Austria

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Thomas Reutterer

Thomas Reutterer

Head of Institute | Service Marketing and Tourism | WU Vienna

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- Retail and service marketing
- Customer value management
- Marketing models for customer-base analysis and decision support

Markus Sabadello

Markus Sabadello

Founder of Danube Tech | pioneer and leader in the field of digital identity

Portrait Robert Schwertner

Robert Schwertner

In my opinion the blockchain technology is here to stay. Very soon, we will be living in a world in which this technology will play a key role - in contexts unrelated to bitcoin.

Portrait of Mark Strembeck

Mark Strembeck

Associate Professor | Institute for Information Systems and New Media | WU Vienna | Austria

- Network Analysis

- Data Science

- Security Engineering

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Matthias Tarasiewicz

Director of the RIAT Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics

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Alfred Taudes

Professor | Department of Information Systems and Operations | WU Vienna | Austria

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Harald Trautsch

Co-founder and CEO of Dolphin Technologies | Pioneer in the vehicle telematics industry

Faculty - Business Core

Magnus Bild

Founding Partner | Bild & Runsten AB | Sweden

Winner of Teaching Award 2018/2019/2020

Patricia Klarner

Professor | Institute for Organization Design | WU Vienna | Austria

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Maneesh Kumar

Professor | Cardiff University | United Kingdom

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Ting Li

Professor | Rotterdam School of Management | The Netherlands

Winner of Teaching Award 2019

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Portrait Christian Lüthje

Christian Lüthje

Professor and Chair | Institute of Innovation Marketing | Hamburg University of Technology | Germany More information

Christof Miska

Institute for International Business | WU Vienna | Austria

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- Responsible Global Leadership
- Ethics &  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
- Organisational development

Mojmir Mrak

Professor | University of Ljubljana | Slovenia

Phillip C. Nell

Professor and Head of Institute | Institute for International Business | Head of WU’s Competence Center for Emerging Markets and CEE | WU Vienna | Austria

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Gal Oestreicher-Singer

Professor | Department of Management of Technology and Information Systems | Tel Aviv University | Israel

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Maurizio Poli

Senior Lecturer | SDA Bocconi | Italy

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Mikael Runsten

Founding Partner | Bild & Runsten AB | Sweden

Bernhard Scherzinger

Executive Director | Management Results Consulting GmbH | Austria

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Astrid Schornick

Professor | CBS International Business School Cologne | Germany

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Günter Stahl

Professor | Institute for International Business | WU Vienna | Austria

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Ed Weenk

Senior Associate Professor | QuSL | Netherlands

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Martin Zagler

Professor | WU Vienna | Austria

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Fabrizio Zerbini

Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies | ESCP Europe | France

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Milda Zilinskaite

Senior Scientist | WU Vienna | Austria

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