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The Austrian Court of Audit

As independent supreme audit institution, the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) is in charge of auditing all government operations, i.e. at federal, laender and municipal level. The ACA is the seat of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) with almost 190 members worldwide and hosts the General Secretariat of INTOSAI.

As an independent organ of the Austrian National Council and the laender Parliaments, the Austrian Court of Audit is responsible for evaluating public financial management. Its remit covers public administration and public enterprises.

In its audits the ACA evaluates the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations, as well as their compliance with rules and regulations and their proper accounting. As supreme audit institution with overarching audit competence over the financial management of federal, laender and municipal (municipal associations’) bodies, the ACA is in the position to compare overall compliance by conducting horizontal audits. Horizontal audits give a complete picture of all territorial bodies and entities and as such are able to add particular value.

The reports of the ACA are published once they have been presented to the respective legislative assembly (National Council, laender Parliaments, municipal councils). Targeted follow-up inquiries and specific follow-up audits further enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of ACA’s audit findings.

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