Professional Master Accounting, Auditing & Taxation

ⓘ Covid-19: All modules are organized face-to-face, by default. Hybrid formats are offered for those students who cannot be on site due to official travel restrictions.

The combination of an academic degree and preparation for the professional exams

The Professional Master in Accounting, Auditing & Taxation was developed in cooperation with Akademie der Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer (ASW), Institut Österreichischer Wirtschaftsprüfer (iwp),  Kammer der Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer (KSW), and the WU Executive Academy. It offers a compact professional training for candidates for a career in auditing firms and prepares them well-directed for the obligatory written exams for the profession. In addition, it enables students to obtain an academic degree.

The Professional Master Accounting, Auditing & Taxation is designed in a blended learning format. In addition to preparatory courses at ASW, which take place throughout Austria the Professional Master's program includes above all upstream and downstream e-learning elements.

The program consists of four modules, which are aligned with the professional exams in terms of both: time and content. This structured and cooperative learning environment not only supports professional exchange, but also meets the different learning needs and ensures the topicality and relevance of the professional content through the excellent lecturers.

Prof. Klaus Hirschler

  • Academic Director | WU Vienna

The Professional Master complements WU's comprehensive and outstanding Bachelor's and Master's programs in Accounting, Auditing & Taxation and combines academic continuing education with professional qualification in a very specific way - easy learning for double success.


Christoph Fröhlich

Lecturer | Financial Accounting and Auditing Group | WU Vienna | Austria

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Klaus Hirschler

Professor | Accounting, Taxation and Auditing Group | WU Vienna | Austria

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Susanne Kalss

Professor | Institute of Business Law | WU Vienna | Austria

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Helga Rohner


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