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Professional Master Leadership & General Management | Part-Time Program in Vienna

Professional Master Leadership & General Management

ⓘ Should you be facing travel restrictions due to Covid-19, there is the possibility to participate online in selected modules.

Part-time master's degree in two semesters

The part-time Professional Master Leadership & General Management enables your next step from management to leadership competence. You will  benefit from the expertise of Europe's leading business university and deepen your leadership skills and knowledge of the business essentials for the successful management of organizations.

    Prof. Barbara Stöttinger

    • Academic Director | WU Executive Academy

    What do you need as a manager in times like these? A solid foundation of tools and concepts to make strategic decisions with foresight as well as knowledge of the latest concepts in leadership to decide what suits you as a leader and your own company. We have packed all this into a compact master program.

    Target group

    • Graduates with specialised educational background (finance, marketing, etc.) who wish to develop their general management skills and take on management functions
    • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their management skills
    • Prospective managers who do not have a business background and want to acquire the fundamentals in a compact part-time program
    • Managers who have just come into a leadership position and want to prepare themselves for the new task

    Official degree – Professional Master (PM)

    After completing the program you will graduate with the academic title "Professional Master (PM)" awarded by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

    Program information in detail

    Please find the complete information (faculty, curriculum etc.) about the program on our German website.

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