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Reinventing National Oil Companies - A Management Transformation Progr

Reinventing National Oil Companies

National oil companies - Major players in the industry

National oil companies (NOCs) play a central role in the development of the international oil & gas industry. They control the majority of the global reserves and hydrocarbons production. Moreover, NOCs have the mandate to create value from the development of their own hydrocarbon resources, playing a central role in ensuring the energy supply for supporting national economic growth. NOCs’ stakeholders and modus operandi are distinct from other oil & gas companies. Besides the expected high operational standards to create value from the hydrocarbon operations, NOCs are the champions of the national resources development and usually play a social - political role.

Anticipate – Innovate – Transform

The oil & gas industry is under a phase of profound transformation. The energy transition and its alternative solutions to fossil fuels, skepticism about the future of the oil & gas industry, new digital technologies, industries convergence, and changes in customer preferences are reshaping the future. Leaders are in the process of discovering the meaning of these changes for their business strategy and operations. This program brings together leaders from national oil companies and other industry stakeholders. Participants discuss current operational challenges and prepare themselves for the future by learning how to:

  • Anticipate. By identifying key trends and external disruptions in the oil & gas industry and discussing their meaning for each NOC.
  • Innovate. By analyzing and assessing different models to perpetuate NOC leadership in their ability to shape the oil & gas value chain of tomorrow, from exploration to fuel distribution.
  • Transform. By designing sustainable levers to transform the operations towards their own targets, leveraging the advantages of being a national champion and mitigating the risks.
    • Schedule

      The program takes place in Spring/Summer 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

      • Day 1: Overview of oil & gas macro trends
      • Day 2: Evolution of oil & gas operations
      • Day 3: NOCs management complexities
      • Day 4: Defining a proper efficiency model for NOCs
    • Target Group

      The intended audience of this program are decision makers from national oil companies as well as their partners, suppliers, government representatives, and other stakeholders who want to get a comprehensive overview of industry trends and methodologies used to anticipate, innovate, and transform in the context of the NOC’s core mission. By bringing together experienced managers as well as future decision makers connected to national oil companies, participants will profit from one another’s experience and views on the energy industry future, to create different scenarios for NOC transformation and new roles.

    • Topics

      Day 1: Overview of oil & gas macro trends

      • Evolution of the O&G players landscape over time
      • The diversity and uniqueness of NOCs, realities and respective constraints
      • The main challenges of NOCs today
      • The boom of downstream & petrochemicals investments by NOCs
      • The significance of energy transition for NOCs

      Day 2: Evolution of oil & gas operations

      • The challenge of the maturity turning point
      • Exploration strategies for complex resources
      • From conventional large oilfields to complex offshore production
      • The criticality of integrated supply chain capabilities and risk management
      • The impact of new technologies

      Day 3: NOCs management complexities

      • Evolving contracts & regulations (new trends in contracting models; technical service agreements, opening of NOCs captive markets)
      • Portfolio management & diversification (M&A trends; development into renewables)
      • NOCs’ Internationalization (Gains and challenges of upstream internationalization; managing non-operated assets abroad)

      Day 4: Defining a proper efficiency model for NOCs

      • NOCs management transformation
      • Technology transfer & national content ("in country value")
      • Challenges of the nationalization of human resources and suppliers
      • Technology and innovation management for NOCs
    • Academic Directors

      Academic Director

      Jonas Puck

      Jonas Puck is Head of the Institute for International Business and Full Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In addition, he is academic director of the MBA in Energy Management at WU Executive Academy. His current research interests lie in the overlaps of global strategy, finance, and political science, often with an industry focus on energy and extractive industries.

    • Certificate

      After completing the program, you will receive a participation certificate including course details from WU Executive Academy.


Jonas Puck

Professor and Head of Institute | Institute of International Business | Academic Director of the MBA Energy Management | WU Vienna | Austria

More information

Paola Carvajal

Principal | Arthur D. Little Houston Office

- 12+ years of consulting experience with focus on strategy, organization, and energy policy for NOCs and IOCs
- NOC exploration strategies design for complex resources
- Unconventional hydrocarbons, oil price perspectives, petro-nationalism

Carlos Garibaldi

Director | Arthur D. Little Americas

- 35+ years of experience in Oil & Gas
- Business Development, Exploration New Ventures, M&A, Strategic Planning, Management Consulting, Field Development, and Reservoir Engineering

Rodolfo Guzman

Managing Partner | Arthur D. Little Latin America & Houston Office | Member of Global Energy Practice

- 25+ years of management consulting experience in the international oil and gas industry
- Energy policy, strategy development, and transformation in the hydrocarbons sector
- Publications and conferences around the world related to Oil & Gas trends and energy transition

Daniel Monzon

Managing Partner | Arthur D. Little Buenos Aires Office | Member of Global Energy Practice

- 25+ years of consulting experience with focus on strategy and organization for NOCs and IOCs
- Refining expert with experience in conceptual design and feasibility of industrial complexes
- Strong experience in fuel and LPG distribution and retail segments

Olivier Soupa

Principal | Arthur D. Little

- 15+ years of management consulting experience in the Energy sector with a focus on upstream oil and gas
- Consulting focus on strategy, organization, people management, portfolio management, process and operations, Carbon capture and storage and renewables

Tom Teixeira

Partner | Arthur D. Little London Office | Risk Advisory

- 20+ years of consulting experience in elevating risk management maturity to drive business performance and reducing the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) for Global 1000 corporations
- Key operational exposures, strategic advice to boards and senior executives on the implementation of balanced risk management strategies

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