General MBA Information

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the MBA programs at the WU Executive Academy.

    • Why should I apply for an MBA at the WU Executive Academy?

      Excellent quality

      95% of our alumni would recommend their MBA program to a colleague or a friend.

      In the Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2023, the WU Executive Academy ranked #45 worldwide and #8 in the EU, #6 in international course experience, and #15 worldwide in career progress of our students.

      The WU Vienna also holds triple accreditation: Less than 1% of business schools in the world have quality levels recognized by the three largest and most influential business school accreditation organizations: AMBA (Association of MBAs), AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) by the European Foundation of Management.

      International experience

      We are located in the heart of Europe and our faculty is quite international:

      • More than 240 partner universities
      • World’s leading professors and researchers
      • Internationally acclaimed experts, practitioners and top managers
      • Faculty members from top universities around the world

      Furthermore, our international residencies will enable you to overcome cultural barriers and experience business practices in different countries. Find more information on our faculty members on each program’s website.

      Global network

      During your MBA you will establish an extremely valuable network with your classmates. In addition, you get access to the powerful WU Executive Club:

      • Over 5,000 students and alumni from approx. 100 nations
      • Local ambassadors, hub managers and communities
      • Online platform: WU EA Connect to stay in touch
      • Exclusive networking opportunities at events
      • Guest speakers from leading global organizations

      Do you need more reasons for the WU Executive Academy? Get them here.

    • How does an MBA at the WU Executive Academy help me achieve my career goals?

      In general, out of all our MBA students:

      • 68% make a career move while doing an MBA or within 1 year after graduation
      • 37% change employers within the start of their program to 4 years after graduation
      • 47% advance to new positions within the start of their program to 4 years after graduation
      • 12% start their own business*

      Since building a career is a lifelong journey, the WU Executive Academy offers the Career Accelerator Program, which helps you succeed. The WU Executive Academy supports your professional development with individual coaching, career workshops, trainings, panel discussions and webinars. You will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, negotiate your salary and position your personal brand. All our services – many of which are provided by HR experts and executive search partners - continue even after your graduation.

    • How does an MBA at the WU Executive Academy change me?

      You'll expand your expertise when doing an MBA. However, an MBA goes beyond theory. It is an amazing journey. You widen your horizon by exchanging ideas with international executives and you develop as an individual when you:

      • Improve your leadership skills
      • Get hands-on know how applicable in your job
      • Develop a better understanding of the other departments in your company
      • Look outside of your industry
      • Learn to think globally
    • How does a typical day at an MBA class look like?

      During the modules, teaching usually takes place every day from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. During some evenings, you will also meet guest speakers for additional insights.

    • Is presence mandatory and what if I miss something?

      Physical presence during classes is mandatory. It helps to build trustful relationships, which encourages students to engage in fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing. This safe place facilitates effective learning for the individual and the class as a whole. If you miss a substantial portion of a class, we will work out together how you can make up for it. For every class attended outside a student’s regular program cycle, a fee of € 200 per day will be charged.

    • Is there any case study like applying theoretical training on a real business?

      The program is based on balanced mixture of theory and practice. Pre-module materials consist of theory, papers and articles on the current developments and case studies. Case methodology is also used during the modules. Furthermore, in class discussion consists of sharing experience and best practices among the program participants.

    • Are there scholarships available and whom are they for?

      Yes, the WU Executive Academy offers a wide range of scholarships and financing options. Discover them here.

      Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis. The committee decides whether and to what extent a scholarship will be granted by evaluating your:

      • High motivation for joining the program
      • Enthusiasm for a challenging learning experience
      • Clear understanding of personal contribution to team learning and the overall cohort experience
      • Relevant skills and work experience
      • Strong record of career progression
      • Excellent interpersonal, intercultural, and communication skills
      • Passion and commitment to achieve personal growth and success
      • Diversity of the student group in terms of academic, professional, and cultural background
      • Financial situation

      Additional eligibility criteria for each scholarship can be found here.

    • How is a scholarship application different to a regular application?

      To apply for a scholarship, you need to hand in the following additional documents:

      • Documentation of income
      • Relevant documentation of exceptional circumstances (e.g. supporting dependents, medical care)

      The application deadlines for each scholarship can be found here.

      For further information regarding the application process, please click here.

    • Are MBA tuition fees tax deductible?

      Yes, our MBA tuition fees are fully tax deductible for taxpayers in Austria. With our flexible payment modalities, you can spread the fees over several tax periods. Learn more about the available financial benefits for individuals and companies in Austria here. However, as tax deductibility can vary greatly from person to person, we recommend that you also contact a tax advisor or inquire directly at the tax office.

      If you are taxpayer of another country, please contact your local tax authorities for information on available tax deductions.

*Data acquired from the 2021 Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking, the 2019 Alumni Survey and the 2016 & 2017 Overall Feedback from our students.

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