How EMBA Bucharest applicants can land a scholarship

May 16, 2017

Want to land a great scholarship to help offset the costs of your EMBA education? Here are a few tips that can help you find success with your applications.

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Attending a quality MBA training program is an excellent way to increase your earnings potential and take on rewarding new professional responsibilities, but it's also a bit of an investment. Fortunately, there are many opportunities you can take advantage of to help with the costs of your schooling, including scholarships.

At WU Executive Academy, there are a number of scholarships available, and many can pay for significant portions of an MBA. For example, entrepreneurs applying to the Executive MBA Bucharest program are eligible for a scholarship of up to 35% of tuition. Some students may also be able to find other scholarship opportunities outside of the school, through governments or other organizations.

Of course, it’s important to remember there are limited scholarships available. Wondering how you can give yourself the best odds of receiving one? Here are a few of the things worth doing.

Spend a good amount of time researching available scholarships & their requirements

Every source of funding can help, so you should treat all potential scholarships seriously, devoting the necessary time to make strong applications to them. As you may be eligible for multiple scholarships when applying to EMBA school, this will likely require that you budget some time specifically for these purposes.

To maximize your potential, it's good to look at multiple sources when finding scholarships. In addition to the aforementioned scholarship for entrepreneurs, WU Executive Academy offers general scholarship opportunities for all students, as well as opportunities specifically for women and applicants from SMEs, NGOs, and NPOs. Outside resources, including several listed here, offer search engines designed to help you identify every scholarship you might qualify for based on education, profession, age, and many other qualities.

After you have identified the scholarships to which you wish to apply, be thorough in completing any necessary steps, such as writing application letters and gathering necessary documentation. Having a complete, well-organized application is the most important part of attempting to get scholarships.

Discuss options & possibilities with EMBA Bucharest school officials

Acquiring and juggling information about multiple scholarships, other potential income sources, your ongoing career, and other concerns before beginning Executive MBA Bucharest courses can be a lot to manage. If you would appreciate having a little more information about your school's scholarship opportunities, or if you have other funding or application questions you would like to have answered, one excellent solution is to reach out and organize a consultation with school officials.

Contact information is available both on WU Executive Academy’s program pages and on the dedicated scholarships page, making it easy and convenient to schedule a consultation if you would like one. Contact at your convenience to schedule a discussion about which of the school's many financing and scholarship options will likely be right for you, and how you should go about completing applications.

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Want more scholarship information? Consider reaching out to school officials

Apply to every scholarship you can before beginning Executive MBA Bucharest courses

It's common for students to consider applying to scholarships but decide not to, thinking that so many other people will apply leaving them with no real chance. However, self-disqualifying yourself from opportunities in this way guarantees that you will not receive a scholarship. If you meet the requirements and put in the effort to develop a strong application, your odds of receiving scholarship funding can be quite good.

It’s important to remember that if you’ll be beginning a program at WU Executive Academy, it means you are a talented, top-level managerial professional within your industry. You have exceptional levels of the skill, drive, and intelligence which are necessary for success in the world of business—and which tend to be qualities which scholarship issuers seek. Take the time to apply to any scholarships you qualify for and you may be surprised with the outcome.

Have confidence in your qualifications and apply to scholarships—you could receive great news!

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