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Scholarships & Funding Opportunities | MBA School in Vienna

Scholarships & external funding opportunities

Students are encouraged to investigate all sources of funding, including government and private scholarships, prior to borrowing from any loan program. Following are some resources that may offer funding opportunities.

Since these vary a lot, please contact the relevant funding bodies personally to find out about the opportunities in detail. We also encourage you to inquire about grants in your respective state or home country.

Employer sponsorship

Many companies see the value in executive education and are willing to contribute towards their employees’ program fees. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you prepare a business case for sponsorship to your employer.

Financing options in Austria

This is an overview of various financing options for people living/working in Austria. Please note, that some websites may only provide information in German.

Please note that the no legal title to any support arises from the publication of this list and we don't guarantee the granting of funds.

Education Loans

As an executive education is a long-term investment, most students rely on loans to cover some or all of their education or living costs.

Financial institutions in many countries offer loans specifically for higher education. Additionally, many governments offer financial loan schemes. Terms vary widely from country to country so make sure you research your personal options.

We do not endorse any specific lender nor receive compensation from any lender. We encourage students to compare the fees and terms of all student loan products to determine which ones are best suited to their individual needs.

Besides regular loans, the WU Executive Academy also offers payment by installments, without any surcharges (up to 3 installments) – a 0%-interest loan.

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