Work and study with our flexible formats

Is it possible to complete the Executive MBA while working full time? Yes! Our programs are designed to be compatible with participants’ jobs and personal lives. Especially if you are looking for professional development that does not require a two-year career break, an EMBA program at the WU Executive Academy is the perfect choice for you.

At the WU Executive Academy, we take great care to offer students the flexibility needed to ideally combine their learning journeys with their professional and private lives and benefit from an optimized knowledge transfer.

Module structure

The program consists of modules building on each other, which are offered in a blended learning structure in blocks over the course of 18 months. Each module is made up of a pre-module, a core module, and a post-module and taught with a variety of didactic formats and tools, encompassing interactive case studies, group discussions and team challenges, web-based simulations, and presentations delivered in the classroom.

Select the Business Core track that suits your needs

For the Business Core of the English-language specializations, students can choose between the on-campus and the hybrid track when they register.

Business Core Structure
    • Pre-Module (e-Learning, 2 weeks)

      In the pre-module part, students prepare for the topic taught during the core-module.

      The didactic approaches include:

      • Readings
      • Online tutorials
      • Case studies
      • Presentations
      • Other types of preparation work

      Students, whio choose the Hybrid Track have an additional introduction session and assignments, equivalent with approx. one day syncronous teaching.

    • Core-Module (On-Campus Track or Hybrid Track)

      For the Business Core you can choose between two tracks, based on your personal preference: the On-Campus and the Hybrid Track.

      On-Campus Track

      Students on the On-Campus Track travel to Vienna for the seven Business Core modules approximately every six weeks. In general, module blocks are taught over the course of four days, Thursday through Sunday. The On-Campus Track is the right choice for you if you look forward to studying at the impressive WU Campus and having a lively exchange with faculty and fellow students at the premises of the WU Executive Academy.

      Hybrid Track

      Students on the Hybrid Track will experience the campus feeling during four out of the seven modules and interact with fellow participants and faculty online in the synchronous and asynchronous classes of the remaining three modules. This option is right for you if you are looking for exchange and networking opportunities but still want to save days off from work and money thanks to fewer travel days.

      The didactic approaches include:

      • Thought-provoking lectures
      • Individual and/or group case work and presentations
      • Business simulations
      • Case discussions
      • Interactive learning exercises
      • Other activities
    • Post-Module (e-Learning, 2 weeks)

      In the post-module part, students are applying their newly gained knowledge of the module.

      The didactic approaches include:

      • Case studies
      • Papers
      • Refelections and essays
      • Other assignments

      Students, whio choose the Hybrid Track have an additional feedback session, equivalent with approx. one day syncronous teaching.

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