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May 11, 2019

Only a short stopover in Bucharest? Here are some hidden spots - told by a local

Who knows a city better than a local or someone who has lived there for many years? Executive MBA alumnus Stefan Popescu shares his favorite bars, places and hidden spots in Bucharest which give it such a special flair. Discover the city from a very personal and, most probably, very different perspective.

Pic of Stefan Popescu with friends
Stefan Popescu with friends at the Therme Bucuresti.

Eat & drink

What is your favorite restaurant/bar/club in Bucharest and why? What do I definitely need to try (food, drinks, meet people, etc.)?

Hanul lui Manuc, the oldest inn in Europe. Despite globalization, the restaurant offers a delicious range of Romanian dishes. Sweet sounds, nice rhythm. This is the place to go for local food. Situated in the Old City Center.

NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant, it becomes a reference point for Bucharest as it is the highest restaurant in the city! 136 meters and you can enjoy the city view! The menu draws its inspiration from the most famous kitchens in the world, but it is linked to local preferences. Relaxed tone recipes, but also challenging the guest’s imagination through original plating and bold combinations of flavors. Make a reservation.

Nomad Sky Bar, one of the top fusion locations, combines restaurant, bar and club all under the open sky. You can EAT, DRINK and DANCE. Make a reservation.

TrickSHOT,  #fundining, strategically positioned in the business area of Bucharest, on top of Promenada Mall, is the best option to have lunch with colleagues, friends or family. Indoor and outdoor, lunch offers on a daily basis, quality products, fast service.You can also play bowling, billard, and darts.

Linea / closer to the Moon, probably one of the coolest sky bars in Bucharest, with an excellent position and amazing view. Very satisfying menu for various tastes. What you can see from here: Palace of Parliament, Dambovita river, Lipscani street and the rest of the new and old buildings. Go there at sunset for the most spectacular view.

Pic of the view from the skybar
I got cotton clouds flying accros a blue sky when I made the picture at Linea. You will be more lucky.

Face Club, for a breathtaking clubbing experience. Their mission: to perform consistently and deliver services to the customers with the highest level of quality.

Hidden spots

As a native of Bucharest/As a Bucharest insider, what places do you recommend visiting which can’t be found in a tourist guide? Please share your hidden spots.

La Copac, for an urban Romanian kitchen, a bohemian terrace, simple, socializing place. You will find here hipsters, students, but also classic public. The place is pretty small: 60 seats outdoor and 30 indoor. You will notice the tree that made the outlet’s name.

At a walking distance from La Copac, you can find Verona Garden & Café, very close to Carturesti Library. Green place in Bucharest, is the host of various events such as Street Delivery. More than 400 seated places, diversified menu, offering full year vegetarian options. The bread is homemade. You can access the terrace via bicycle and it is pet friendly.

Matcha Bar, tea place, pink, delicate, original, delicious, ladies will love it.

La Parter, Herastrau lake, small, but strong and very cute. You can have breakfast at ANY hour, which is goos especially after a long night. Tip here: rice and milk.

Texas BBQ, Decebal, American Ribs very good or Sushi Time, Pache Protopopescu or Yasou, if you want to go Greek food.

Bucharest at its best

Why is Bucharest one of the coolest places in the world? What makes it special?

The night life

Manifold and diverse, from small bars to biggest clubs. The old city center still remains a unique hot zone in terms of going out locations: from simple to sophisticated drinks, from underground and minimalist to highly invested design. Big clubs are the best for weekends and here you will really find out what nightlife means in Bamboo, BOA, Face, Gaia, E3, Control, Madame Pogany.

Pic of Stefan Popescu with friends
Stefan Popescu enjoys the nightlife at Madame Pogany.

Therme Bucharest

If last year I was mentioning the old city center as the main attraction, this year I would highlight Therme Bucharest, which is the largest relaxation and entertainment centre in Europe, built on a greenfield site. Therme hosts the widest variety of botanical plants and the biggest system of indoor waterslides in Romania, with a total length of 1,5 km. Over 1.200.000 visitors per year, 25% of which are non-locals.

The green building ensures it's heating through thermal water exchange 328 days a year. Therme Bucharest is also the home of Europe’s largest palm tree plantation (1,500 units imported from 6 countries).The indoor built area covers 36.000 sqm and accomodates 4000 visitors. Sands of Therme is the largest urban beach in Europe covering over 30.000 sqm of sand and includes several beach bars, pool bars, tropical pool, etc

The people

Instead of rules and procedures, they prefer warm relations and are more ‘soul’ oriented. They dance and socialize more, but at the same time are very technology driven and linked with the latest news. Bucharest ladies send out good vibes, both through attitude and style - and there are civilized men that open the doors for the ladies.

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