Collaboration Rather Than Competition and WU EA Connect as Your Job Portal

March 08, 2018

What WU EA Connect has to offer

Our community platform is a job market, a global networking tool and a career creator all in one. Our Community Engagement Managers show you how you can use WU EA Connect for your own aims and get the most out of it. This time topics include "collaboration rather than competition" - founding companies together and WU EA Connect as your exclusive job portal.

1. Entrepreneurs, Startups - Get Connected!

While studying for your MBA degree, you and one of your classmates frequently talked about what it would be like to start your own business. The two of you were a good match, and you dreamed up ideas together. But sadly, you lost touch after graduation. Now, you have THE business idea. You decide to look for your former classmate on WU EA Connect. You succeed and get in touch with him. He finds your idea great. A year later, you two start your own business … In the digital age, a success story like this is perfectly plausible. What is more, focusing on collaboration rather than competition opens up entirely new entrepreneurial opportunities: With only a few clicks, you may find your future business partner, next collaborator or new employee. Or competent people willing to help you take your business forward: Imagine you have graduated from a Professional MBA program in “Entrepreneurship & Innovation”, gone into business for yourself and are now preparing to enter the Italian market. Having a contact in Italy definitely makes the job easier. If, for instance, an MBA graduate who lives there has indicated on his profile page that he is “willing to help”, do not hesitate to get in touch with him. He will most certainly be more than happy to provide you with inside information or further contacts you will benefit from in the context of growing your business. If you are looking to hire, why not post a job advertisement in the “jobs” section? You can also post a message in the “updates” section and ask other users to share it. Good luck!

Two people clink glasses
Reestablish old acquaintances or make new contacts: get connected with WU EA Connect!

2. Your Exclusive Job Portal: Recruiting - the Easy Way

WU EA Connect is a career platform and as such it also includes a job portal for students and graduates of the WU Executive Academy: Frequently, students and alumni have inside information about attractive vacancies in their organizations; they can recommend exciting candidates or make them aware of the job openings. In the “jobs” section, we keep you posted about thrilling job opportunities. The search function allows you to find jobs and internships in different countries by keyword. And that is not all: If your employer is looking to hire, you too can post a job advertisement on WU EA Connect (please check beforehand with your organization that it is OK for you to do so). Simply upload the job advertisement as a PDF file, add a logo and enter all the relevant details about your organization and the vacancy. The job advertisement will immediately be available to potential candidates. On WU EA Connect, you can also include a direct link to your organization's career website or the original job advertisement found there.

Screenshot of WU EA Connect
Look for jobs or put them on the platform yourself!

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