My WU Ball: Networking and meeting friends in imperial ambience

January 18, 2018

MBA alumnus Vojtěch Přibyla talks about his WU Ball experience

MBA Alumnus Vojtěch Přibyla and his wife, Jane, came to Vienna from Brno for their third WU Ball on the weekend of January 13, 2018. They danced, networked and met good friends from the MBA, as Vojtěch notes in his "WU Ball Diary". Continue reading to relive the night!

20:15: We have just arrived. Vienna is just less than a two hours' drive away from Brno. My wife Jane and I were a bit worried about the anti-government demonstration. Thankfully there was no crowd around, so we had a pleasant walk to the Hofburg palace between raindrops. This is our 3rd WU Ball. We like going to balls, but this event is extraordinary. Firstly, it always reminds me of the best period of my life – studying in the MBA at WU Executive Academy. At this time, I got married, my first son was born and, last but not least, I got a great education and good friends. Secondly, the location is incredible. So festive and magnificent. It is a beautiful memorial and part of our – also Czech – history. You know, in history there are answers for all recent questions. You just have to know and understand.

In addition, I am looking forward to dancing with my wife and meeting my friends from the MBA! I hope we find each other, there are so many people around. I have announced my attendance at WU EA Connect, the alumni social platform, perhaps it helps. Maybe we also will have the chance for relaxed networking. Every previous ball gave me some good connections. I'm curious as to what the evening brings.

Picture of the dancefloor
The dance floor was well visited throughout the evening.

21:05: The opening begins in the main hall. From the guest table we have a good view. The ballet dancers whirl over the parquet, the polonaise was better the year before, nevertheless formation dancing is always impressive. I am introduced to all of the people around. Thanks Gina, our alumni coordinator! You are always great networker.

22:08: We have danced and now it is time for a short walk. I have to talk to Markus who is a WU alumni representative and a good friend of mine. We saw each other four months ago at our last alumni get-together in Brno. During that time his son was born.

Picture of the alumni lounge
The alumni lounge in the "Geheimen Ratsstube" impresses with burgundy baroque wallpaper and golden stucco.

23:04: We just entered the Alumni Lounge, located in the "Geheime Ratstube". It is a beautiful room with burgundy Baroque wallpaper and golden stucco on the ceiling. Emperor Franz Joseph I. used to open the receptions of the Austro-Hungarian delegation here. A perfect place to meet friends and classmates. I met four of them in the queue in front of the lounge (Kausihan came from Sweden just because of the ball. WOW!). I am introduced to Katerina Vollmann, Managing Consultant from Talentor. We talk about organizing the next alumni get together. She has a good network of interesting people for MBA graduates –  that is really a key to motivate the alumni to come. We will see. I hope to see her in Prague in April.

0:10: We are a bit tired. ­­­­­We are going to have the last dance and go back to Brno. My better half is pregnant and our little son will be expecting us early in the morning, ready for our playdate.

Highlights from the WU Ball:

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of our WU Alumni Lounge!

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