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The Top 3 questions about the Global Executive MBA Experience in 2022

We’ve addressed the 3 most common concerns about the Global Executive MBA experience – from COVID, the workload to financing.  Read below to find out more.

Concerns Regarding COVID

Can I rely on the Global Executive MBA to be taught in-person?

Yes! Due to our safety measures, both the classes on site have been secured since summer 2020, and, students have been going on international residencies again (like the current trip to Kenya in February 2022 and to Finland in November 2021). 

We have successfully been teaching classes on campus, with the exceptions of three nation-wide lockdowns. Even then, we enabled students who did not want to continue online during these lockdowns to do these modules face to face at a later stage in their program.

The Global Executive MBA is designed as an in-person MBA in order to maximize engagement and international networking opportunities. In-class attendance of our international students will remain an important part of our programs.

What if my country places travel restrictions?

For those that are facing travel restrictions, we have a high standard, hybrid technical system in the classrooms that allows online students to take part in the lectures like any other student on campus. You can raise your questions to the professors and interact with your peers on campus; your face will be displayed and your voice will be heard in the classroom.

How safe is it to attend classes in-person? What kind of safety precautions are in place?

We have had a very successful safety regime in place, which avoided clusters of COVID cases during our modules on campus. You have to be vaccinated and/or recovered AND provide a valid PCR test every day.

PCR tests will be mandatory for every future student and they are free for everyone in Vienna. Our Program Management team makes sure that students know how to access these tests.

Concerns Regarding the Workload

How can I manage the workload of an Executive MBA?

This issue is best addressed by our students.

“Write an Overview Every Day”

René Huetter portrait

“There is no secret recipe or formula for time management. For me, the most important element is planning forward.

I try to plan my job, studies, and private life in parallel. Planning for me means to create a quick overview on what I do on which day during week – this also means I have to plan my business trips and meetings in a very disciplined way.”

René Huetter, current MBA student

“Prioritize and Balance”

Mae Leyrer portrait

You can also hear tips from to our MBA alumna, Mae Leyrer. In this podcast episode, the mother of a son shared stories from her time balancing her Executive MBA with family responsibilities and expectations from her own executive mindset. This honest insights start around minute 35:28.

Concerns Regarding Financing

What options do I have to finance this program?

The student tuition fee is equal to an investment of € 54,000. Several financing options available to you including:

  • making payments by installments
  • creating a business case for your employer
  • filing taxes next year and claiming tax deductions for tuition and study-related expenses (available in certain countries).

We hope this information was helpful. Make the most of this opportunity this April and start your MBA application. The deadline to apply is February 28. If any questions come up, please write us at gemba(at) and our team will get back to you shortly.

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